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Lasse Scherffig is an assistant professor of Art and Technology at San Francisco Art Institute. His work explores the relationship of humans, machines and society, technological infrastructures of communication and control, and the cultures and aesthetics of computation and interaction. He studied Cognitive Science and Digital Media, and recently defended his doctoral thesis in Experimental Computer Science at KHM, Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He co-founded the trans-disciplinary artist group Paidia Institute and has been a visiting professor at Bauhaus University Weimar. He has published on a variety of subjects in art and science and his works have been exhibited at Tranzit Bucharest, Science Gallery Dublin, Transmediale, ISEA, National Art Museum of China, and ZKM, Center for Art and Media.

WORKSHOP: Based on Lasse Scherffig’s most recent technological endeavour to develop a tracking software for mobile devices, workshop participants will experience a hands-on demonstration of such software and its impact. Furthermore, to provide a 'counteract strategy', Mr Scherffig will teach participants to craft smartphone pouches, which shield off external tracking attempts making devices appear invisible.




Dim Sum Labs are Hong Kong’s first and only Hackerspace (or hacklab, or makerspace, or hackspace), open to anyone interested in hacking: the intellectual challenge to creatively overcome, circumvent, deconstruct or otherwise “hack” the limitations,  capabilities, purposes, forms, etc. of virtually anything — or in other words: to mess around with [anything] for fun.

WORKSHOP: Participants will be introduced to the field of cryptography, followed by a presentation on privacy, anonymity tools and the practices. Furthermore participants will learn how to apply such tools and practices in everyday life. For instance, participants will get to practice chatting in secret using WhatsApp’s key exchange and verification function, as well as exploring how to avoid leaving digital footprints by utilising the Amnesic Incognito Live System (TAILS).

NOTE: Participants are kindly asked to bring their own laptops.




Nowadays the ubiquity of surveillance cameras in urban environments protects against crimes. However, without disclosing how the footage is handled, it could be a potential hazard to our privacy. This tour will take participants around the campus and the MTR nearby to spot surveillance cameras. By marking down the cameras on the map, participants will become more aware of the cameras surrounding them.